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Whether you are looking for general fitness, weight loss, to rehabilitate and recover from an injury or prepare for a sporting event, I can help you achieve your goals!

As an experienced Cardiff Bay-based personal trainer I have the good fortune of working with clients from across South Wales whose fitness levels are as diverse as their individual goals.

From absolute beginners to experienced athletes, my ability to tailor each personal training session to suit the unique needs, targets and budgets of the individual has seen my clientele flourish in recent years.

Aside from personal training, I also specialise in white collar boxing training for both men and women. This popular form of exercise is both fun and educational; it not only stimulates the mind and arms you with invaluable self-defense skills but will also help you achieve fantastic physical results!

Teamed with my passion for health and nutrition, each of my clients receives both the skills and knowledge that will enable them to lead an all-round healthy and active lifestyle!

Here’s what they have to say!

One 2 One Training

From complete fitness-phobes to fully-fledged athletes – personal training is the perfect addition to any and every type of lifestyle.

Each hour-long session blends fitness, fun, education and encouragement; and as your personal trainer, I will arm you all with the motivation and encouragement needed to achieve your personal goals and expand both your training comfort zone and confidence levels.

A typical training session blends a variety of exercises — including core work, pad work, interval and resistance training, and strength and conditioning exercises — and the number of sessions you choose to embark on per week is entirely your call.

Your unique programme will be tailored to suit both your individual needs and budget, and can include suggested complementary exercises to practice at your leisure.

I’m as flexible as I am fit and can carry out training sessions from my base at the Dragon Crossfit in Cardiff Bay, or, if it’s more convenient, any gym that you belong to!

If you’d like to:

Lose weight, have less body fat
Have toned arms, legs and stomach 
Look good and feel great
Transform your body fast or
Have a toned body and chiseled physique

Your journey starts here!

Get in touch on 07977106213

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